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Butturff Leads Heading into Final Day of Match Play at U.S. Open

LIVERPOOL, N.Y. – Jakob Butturff of Tempe, Arizona, went 7-1 in the opening round of match play to build a 264-pin lead over the field Monday at the 2017 U.S. Open.
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Pennsylvania Bowler Wins PBA50 Event in Laurel, Del.

Laurel, Del. (October 22, 2017) – Darryl Bower of Middletown, Pa., defeated Brian Kretzer of Dayton, Ohio, 198-182, to win the PBA50 Bryan's Bowling Center Open presented by The Insurance Market and 900 Global at Bryan's Bowling Center Sunday.
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Conroy, Cavagnaro Capture PBA/PBA50 Event in Delaware

Millsboro, Del. (September 24, 2017) – John Conroy of Mahopac, N.Y. and Alex Cavagnaro of Massapequa, N.Y., defeated Ray Edwards of Middle Island, N.Y. and Matt O'Grady of Rahway, N.J., 447-432, 402-471, 436-427, in the best-of-three-game title match to win the PBA/PBA50 Millsboro Lanes Doubles Sunday at Millsboro Lanes.
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Remembering 'Pat' Zonneville

ANNUAL MEETING REMEMBRANCE: Margaret Lancaster, middle, a delegate from Wayne County USBC WBA, joins Director Corinthia Ward and President Roger Buckman in a tribute to the late Priscilla "Pat" Zonneville at Saturday's (June 3, 2017) NYS USBC Annual Meeting in Corning. Lancaster was a close friend of Zonneville, who died last September. Both Lancaster and Zonneville also were instrumental in the success of the NYS Women's 600 Club. Ward presided over a Memorial Service before the Annual Meeting in memory of NYS USBC members and family members who passed away during the 2016-17 season. Photo by Mike Pettinella/NYS USBC Association Manager.


The New York State USBC is an arm of the United States Bowling Congress committed to running fair, successful tournaments for bowlers of all ages; an organization dedicated to promoting the great sport of bowling through Hall of Fame and other special award presentations; a source of information to all bowlers interested in improving their game through coaching and instruction, and a vehicle for our young people to combine their scholastic and bowling abilities to receive college scholarships.

Just as importantly, the New York State USBC is run by regular people who appreciate and recognize those special people -- our bowlers -- who have made an impact by participating in leagues and tournaments, and by supporting their families and friends in the sport, throughout their lives. With that being said, we have created this Memorials page on our website as a final tribute to the men and women who have built and helped sustain organized bowling in New York State.

We invite you to send the names of deceased bowlers, relatives of bowlers and friends of the bowling community for inclusion on this page. Please send information to Mike Pettinella, Association Manager, NYS USBC, 55 Edgewood Drive, Batavia, NY 14020, or by email at We also will be acknowledging our deceased members and family/friends during a Memorial Service at the NYS USBC Annual Meeting. Thank you.

Fulton USBC BA
Ray Haynes (11-3-17), Oswego Hall of Famer
Syracuse USBC BA
Patricia Savage (10-10-17)
Long Island USBC
Peter Marmorato (9-27-17)
Fulton USBC BA
Joseph Higgins (8-25-17), NYS Bowling Hall of Famer as well as a Fulton HOF. He has several state senior titles in both doubles singles and all events.
Long Island USBC
Thomas Keon (8-23-17)

JULY 2017
New York City USBC
Edith Fuller (7-19-17)
Rochester NY USBC
James F. Delbert (7-12-17), past president of the Rochester Bowling Association
Long Island USBC
Julius Morenberg (7-12-17)
Fulton USBC BA
Robert L. Smith (7-26-17)
MAY 2017
Long Island USBC
Karen Meehan (5-29-17)
Southern Tier USBC
Karen Hayslett (5-12-17). Karen was the first president of the Southern Tier USBC and a special person with a strong passion for bowling. She had been heavily involved at the state and local level with both youth and adult bowlers, and was a Hall of Fame member. CLICK HERE for her obituary.
Genesee Region USBC
Helen Doody (5-2-17)
Johnstown USBC WBA
Dorothy Sweet (5-4-17)
James "Jimbob" Kollar (5-6-17)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Ronald W. Korczynski (5-7-17)
Paul D. Hooftallen, Sr. (5-18-17)
APRIL 2017
Rochester NY USBC
Brenda Bennett (4-27-17)
Marjorie Rahn (4-29-17)
Southern Tier USBC
Michael J. Casiuk (4-18-17), proprietor along with his wife, Cindy Lee, of Ideal Bowling Center in Endicott
Johnstown USBC WBA
Arlene Skaine (4-19-17)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Nicholas J. Maile (4-6-17)
Richard H. Wroblewski (4-2-17)
James J. Wangler Jr. (4-30)

MARCH 2017
Long Island USBC
Eileen Bopp (3-26-17)
Adirondack USBC
Darlene Rose Chase (3-23-17), mother of Nelson Chase, NYS USBC Youth Pepsi Championships coordinator.
Sara (Sally) Anna Chase Schenck (3-6-17), grandmother of Nelson Chase.
Genesee Region
Sydney Allis (3-12-17)
William Ecker (3-9-17)
Dr. Conrad Kubiniec (3-18-17)
Anita Rynkowski (3-13-17)
Rochester NY USBC
Kenneth Van Duzer Sr. (3-28-17)
Bettie J. Hicks (3-10-17), former Rochester WBA board member.
Mary J. Lincoln (3-14-17)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Gino Franco (3-18-17)
Daniel P. Gemerek (3-18-17)
Gerald F. Ivancie (3-19-17)
Shirley A. Pirong (3-29-17)
Patrick J. Cullen (3-28-17)
Johnstown USBC WBA
Penelope Fox (3-17-17)
Donald Brownell (3-22-17)
Southern Tier USBC
Lewis Hoffer (3-1-17)
Joseph Bendert (3-6-17)
William (Bill) Marusich (3-11-17)
Pearl Northrup (3-12-17)
Robert J. Borch (3-14-17)
Genevieve (Mickey) Krager (3-14-17)
Harold L. (Bucky) Buckland (3-17-17)
Benjamin Vandenburg (3-29-17)
Southern Tier USBC
Faye M. Wade (2-1-17)
Harry F Fletcher (2-6-17)
Karl V. Kraengel (2-7-17)
June Walker Spangenburg (2-8-17)
Norman Z. Christensen (2-8-17)
Jack K. Robinson (2-14-17)
Gerald Foster (2-24-17)
Walter Shaughnessy (2-26-17)
Dwight Reynolds (2-28-17)
Rockland County USBC Youth
Brandon Smith (2-27-17).  CLICK HERE for his obituary.
Staten Island USBC

Donna Zajac (2-9-17), president of the Staten Island USBC and longtime delegate to the NYS USBC Annual Meeting. CLICK HERE for obituary information. CLICK HERE for a tribute to Donna.
Long Island USBC
Theresa Cosenza (2-10-17)
Marianne Rolston (2-14-17)
Roseann Gabriel (2-18-17)
Hudson Valley USBC
Eugene F. Healy (2-3-17)
Margarita "Peggy" Dalrymple (2-4-17)
Rochester NY USBC
Betty J. Erdmann (2-24-17)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Terence Curry (2-1-17)
Channez C. Keil (2-2-17)
Johnstown USBC WBA
Clarence Orr (2-4-17)
Albany USBC
Jeffrey Krauss (1-8-17), son of Karen Krauss, former NYS USBC director and current Albany USBC association manager.
Rochester NY USBC
Ruth Kommeth (1-21-17)
John "Jack" Trimer (1-6-17)
Dorothy Guinan (1-23-17), former Rochester WBA director and Hall of Fame inducteed in 2012

Margaret Cerretto (1-30-17), former Rochester WBA director and vice president and Hall of Fame inductee in 1996
Schenectady-Scotia USBC WBA
Deborah Fawcett (1-16-17), S-S Youth Leaders director and wife of Steve Fawcett, NYS USBC Youth Regional director. CLICK HERE for obituary.
Syracuse USBC BA
Frank Fortino (1-8-17), former Syracuse USBC BA president and director, and 2000 Syracuse USBC BA Hall of Fame inductee
Long Island USBC
Matthew Lester (1-16-17)
Barbara Shelton (1-15-17)
Joseph Killen (1-22-17), former Eastern Long Island BA director and Hall of Famer
Genesee Region USBC
Kenneth Raley (1-1-17), former manager Valley View Lanes, Warsaw
Southern Tier USBC
Diana Hantsch Cornell (1-5-17)
Jacquelin Pokrinchak (1-5-17)
Edward John Fendick (1-7-17)
Edward J. Sackett (1-14-17)
Grace Russell (1-16-17)
James J. Judge (1-17-17)
Wendell Mead (1-17-17)
Lawrence D. Snow (1-18-17)
Lawrence Tokarchak (1-18-17)
Donald G. Swartz (1-21-17)
Billy (William) Hammoud (1-21-17)
Hudson Valley USBC
Elaine "Smitty" Smith (1-7-17)
James G. Catucci (1-9-17)
Paul J. Pecchia (1-19-17)
Roger H. Lee (1-21-17)
Mary T. Morreale (1-28-17)
Louis Krevolin (1-30-17)
Greater Buffalo USBC
George L. Liedy (1-12-17)
Felton Pearsall (1-11-17)
Anthony M. Zielinski (1-16-17)
William G. Schugardt (1-19-17)
Johnstown USBC WBA
Phyllis Martin Costanzo (1-28-17)
Rochester NY
George J. Peters (12-1-16), 1997 Rochester USBC BA Hall of Fame inductee
Southern Tier USBC
Mildred L. Marean (12-1-16)
Janice M. Ivernesm (12-2-16)
Thomas Orson Mosher (12-3-16)
Kevin M, Link (12-22-16)
Michael Thomas Conklin (12-22-16)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Dana A. Gore (12-8-16)
William E. Kinmartin (12-10-16)
Richard E. Kohl (12-30-16)
Andrew M. Krawczyk (12-15-16)
Hudson Valley USBC
Joan Bocchino Pfeifer (12-5-16)
Johnstown USBC WBA
Isabella Pollard (12-13-16)
Rochester NY USBC
Daniel R. Kenney (11-7-16)
Charles W. Prong (11-8-16)
Margaret "Murph" Stephenson, past director and second vice president
James Parker
Genesee Region USBC
Joseph Gerace (11-17-16)
Southern Tier USBC
Richard James Memconsky (11-4-16)
Francis Dvorsky (11-6-16)
Patricia A. Tiffany (11-9-16)
Larry (Pa) R. Heath (11-16-16)
Joseph L. D'Este (11-19-16)
Jennie I. Oliphat (11-23-16)
Patricia Churchill Persley (11-23-16)
Malcom S. Brown Sr. (11-28-16)
Hudson Valley USBC
Donald Kissane (11-3-16)
James Collins (11-3-16)
Patricia R. Doxsey (11-13-16)
Greater Buffalo USBC
John J. Babis (11-7-16)
Charles W. Stephan (11-3-16)
Nancy M. Szaturski (11-16-16)
Joseph P. Montante Sr. (11-8-16)
Johnstown USBC WBA
Alfred Crowter (11-3-16)
David Durrin Jr. (11-30-16)
Southern Tier USBC
John J. McGuinness (10-3-16)
Bernadine Walkavicz (10-4-16)
Jean E. Dailey (10-8-16)
Robert I. Lowe (10-8-16)
Wayne Hall (10-14-16)
Thomas W. Pocengal (10-22-16)
Lloyd Morgan Hall (10-28-16)
Frederick H. Dolaway (10-31-16)
Hudson Valley USBC
Beverly Durbeck (10-7-16)
Philip L. Bowdler (10-20-16)
Henry G. Hess Sr. (10-24-16)
William "Rudy" Winters (10-28-16)
Edward "Jim" Pega (10-28-16)
Greater Buffalo USBC
David E. Beyers (10-24-16)
Michael L. Feldman (10-20-16)
Robert J. Foss Jr. (10-1-16), also a member of Genesee Region USBC
Bradley F. Johnson (10-29-16)
Leonard F. Lent (10-29-16)
Alvin W. Loefke (10-25-16)
Southern Tier USBC
David Holt (9-3-16)
Louis Conti (9-6-16)
Wayne F. Flint (9-6-16)
John T. Mydlak (9-16-16)
Wayne County USBC

Priscilla "Pat" Zonneville (9-6-16), see obituary on the home page
Patrick J. "Pig" Horner (9-5-16), former host of the Funtime Junior Bowling TV show and former proprietor of Fairview Lanes and Cherry Bowl.
Greater Buffalo USBC
Gary H. Round (9-24-16)
Ronald J. Wery (9-10-16)
Richard A Wescott (9-26-16)
Johnstown USBC WBA
Gregory Baurle (9-17-16)
Syracuse USBC BA

Gary Vincatore (8-30-16), proprietor of Lakeview Lanes, Liverpool
Long Island USBC
Sandy Ingraffio (8-24-16), owner of Sandy Lanes in Malverne
Rochester USBC
Carmen K. Schwenzer (8-28-16), member of the Rochester WBA Hall of Fame
Sue M. Chinelli (8-4-16), member of the New York State USBC Hall of Fame
Doris Ehnhuus, Rochester WBA director from 1986-89
Michael P. Martone Sr. (8-10-16), member of the Rochester USBC BA in 2014 for Veterans Outstanding Achievement.
Niagara Falls USBC WBA
Doris Gabrys (8-2-16), former director.
Southern Tier USBC
Harold Truax (8-2-16)
Kenneth Fetterman (8-2-16)
Michael J. (Mick) Regan (8-14-16)
Charles F. Jaworski (8-15-16)
Lynda J. Shoemaker (8-16-16)
Margaret D. Stolarcyk (8-16-16)
Richard J. Kocik (8-30-16)
Greater Buffalo USBC
John W. Garson Jr. (8-16-16)
John E. Kyte (8-6-16)
Linda A. Lang (8-16-16)
JULY 2016
Albany USBC
Joseph Levanites (7-27-16), Albany USBC Hall of Famer.
Genesee Region USBC
David Root (7-16-16)
Long Island USBC
Norman Suber (7-7-16)
New York City USBC
Bertha Jagassar (7-8-16)
Richard Fortiche (7-8-16)
Rochester USBC WBA
Martin J. Cumming (7-14-16)
Southern Tier USBC
Richard (Rich) W. Seymour (7-28-16)
Joseph Yuden (7-7-16)
Donald Raymond Green (7-5-16)
Michael George Egan (7-12-16)
Iva H. Colgan (7-14-16)
Howard C. Decker Jr. (7-17-16)
Roberta Bryant (7-29-16)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Nelson M. Stephan (7-28-16)
JUNE 2016
Southern Tier USBC
Gordon L. Williams Sr. (5-10-16)
Joseph Hermann (5-13-16)
Phyllis W. Kelsey (5-13-16)
Evelyn Wood (5-14-16)
Kara Jean Costello (5-23-16)
Carolyn Hester (5-27-16)
Ann M. Walker Buckley (5-30-16)
Eleanor Brisson (6-13-16), past director and second vice president of the Utica women's association
Genesee Region USBC
Robert D. "Bob" Meisner (6-20-16)
Nina Hall (6-21-16)
Rochester USBC BA
Arthur F. Moore Jr. (6-3-16), past secretary of the Rochester BA
New York City USBC
Paul Irving Jr. (6-12-16), past president of the NYSBA
Johnstown USBC WBA
William Zajicek (6-9-16)
Raymond Perham (6-18-16)
Agatha Douglass (6-22-16)
Mildred Duesler (6-29-16)

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